The MVRC uses state-of-the-art equipment and research techniques to study balance control and rehabilitate patients.
The virtual environments were developed using the expertise of the Virtual Environments Group under the direction of Dr. Larry Hodges of UNC-Charlotte and using Unreal Tournament 2004 under the guidance of Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson. Several environments have been developed to support the research and rehabilitation needs of the MVRC. A virtual tunnel, consisting of geometrical objects such as square and circular patterns is used, to examine which aspects of the visual environment affect balance in healthy and patient subject populations. A virtual grocery, developed using UT2004, is used to provide a safe setting for rehabilitation of people who complain of imbalance or dizziness in busy visual environments.

Roll your cursor over the image below
to see the movement of the checkerboard tunnel.

is an animated representation of movement in the virtual grocery store.


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